About Yuen I

Founded since 1981,YUEN I specializes in producing quality kickstands,carriers,workstands,and accessories of bicycle.in addition to the head office located in central Taiwan, our Shenzhen factory started operation in early 1990,and the Taicang factory established in 1981,in order to expand production capacity and mobility as well as to enhance product competiticeness.By wide-range products, we YUEN I always devote ourselves in fulfilling a diversity of customer demands and requests.

keeping progress in technical know-how and new product development with us regular orders from precious customers worldwide and also a high reputation in both OEM/ODM market and after service market.

to follow our philosophy-integrity in business, we expect to grow stably and constantly with superb quality. YUEN I is in belief to be the one standing resolutely behind you 

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